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Scruffy to Fluffy's brand new, state-of-the-art facility is the perfect place for your pet to relax and get comfortable for their very own spa day! We provide a wide range of services from basic baths to extensive, specialized services. We strive to maintain a cleanly environment, excellent customer service, availability and most important, consistency.

All Grooming Includes


-Coat Conditioning

-Facial Scrub

-Nail Clipping

-Ear Cleaning

-Blow Dry

-Brush Out

-Hair Cut/Style-Foot Hair Trim (if applicable)

-Ear Plucking (if applicable)

-Sanitary Trim (if applicable)
-Complimentary Bow or Bandana

Add On Services

-Moisturizing Shampoo
- Medicated Shampoo
- Degreasing Shampoo
-Deodorizing Shampoo
- Deskunk Treatment
- Flea & Tick Bath
- Nail File/ Grind
- Teeth Brushing
- Express Anal Glands
- De-Shedding Treatment
- Nail Trim Only
- Brush Out Only
- De-Matting

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